Building a more united, progressive, feminist and inclusive community in rural Canada.

Let’s create safer and braver spaces to ask difficult questions and foster healthy dialogue that you won’t find elsewhere in traditional rural media in Canada. Together, we can reconnect our splintered community and chart a new path forward.

About Clearing a New Path

Fostering progressive dialogue in rural Canada

Welcome to Clearing a New Path. I’m truly glad you’re here.

Because together, I believe we can build a more united, progressive, feminist community in rural Canada, one that genuinely embraces diversity and is driven by reconciliation.

And it starts with listening to each other again — and creating a space for healthy discussion that you won’t find elsewhere in traditional rural media. 

A space where mutual respect, open dialogue and honest questions are welcome and encouraged.

A space where we can reconnect and learn together, fuelled by our integrity and our willingness to be honest, even if that means being vulnerable or respectfully disagreeing. 

I definitely don’t have all the answers but I’m committed to listening and learning, and I sincerely hope you’ll join me on this journey. 

Each week, I’ll release a new podcast and send you a newsletter exploring a different challenging topic on the path to healthy dialogue, featuring the voices of rural women (and sometimes others) I’ve interviewed to help us dig deeper and learn more.

Because together, we can chart a new, more united and progressive path forward. 

Meet Shauna!

Founder Shauna Rae started Clearing a New Path podcast in the fall of 2021 and launched the newsletter a few months later.

Shauna was born in Perth, Ontario and grew up in Stratford. She graduated from Broadcast Journalism at Fanshawe College in 2000, then worked in radio, TV and print journalism in London, Ontario for a decade. She then shifted to communications, public relations and community engagement at both for profit and non-profit organisations where, among other things, she helped collect stories of rural entrepreneurs across Canada. But promoting the stories of minority entrepreneurs just seemed like checking a box. Soshe found a sponsor, quit her job and started Radar Media and her Clearing a New Path podcast.

Shauna is also a Growth Coach with her local Tech Innovation Centre and is a freelance consultant and audio producer.

She lives in rural Ontario with her partner Dan and their precocious 15- year-old Wheatie-poo, Lola.

Listeners and readers love us!

Creating space for all. This really spoke to me. Putting on a united front instead of trying to break each other apart. These women are just mind-blowing, amazing. Thanks Shauna.

— Shelley C

Such an enlightening podcast. Shauna’s interview style is engaging and real. Thank you for sharing these great stories from rural Canada.

— Sharon R

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Together, we can create safer and braver spaces to ask difficult questions and foster healthy dialogue that you won’t find elsewhere in traditional rural media in Canada

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